Friday, June 12, 2009

Time and Energy gone

Well I started the evening with the intentions of getting at least 2 pages done. But mother nature messed up my evening. Nana called and said a tornando touched down in Southaven and it was headed our way. So we had to get everything prepared and that messed with my scrappin time. I did finish one page for the 52's site and I got to use my prize rak from memorable seasons-Jill is so awesome.

Got lotsa home chores this weekend - my hubs turns 40 on the 23rd and we are having a birthday bash next weekend. So of course my weekend will be busy getting ready which means a whole lotta indoor and outdoor chores-YUCK! Oh well maybe more scrappin on Sunday.

It's late and I have no more energy so I am off to check my eyelids for holes-TOODLES!!


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Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday night Crop

Yes tonight I am holding my own personal crop-WOOT WOOT! It's so quiet here in the house-I am not quite sure how to act. Craig took the kids to a Tractor Pull-another one of his surprise adventures. He is so good at doing that and they just love it. This has been a really loooong week but we finished at work on a good note-nice busy day! For those of you who dont know my hubs and I work together and these last 2 weeks have been tough-the car buz aint all that great. It's very hard to be the uplifter all the time-anybody else feel this why-PLEAZ tell me I am not the only one.

So I think we all are getting what we deserve tonight- a little fun for everybody. So I have now finished my first page-which is for the 52's site. Gosh I love that place-good sketches and the friendliest people. And I even won a prize a few weeks back-so what more can you ask for??

Well I am off now to work on somemore. Gonna try to complete a page for the site "Let's Scrap" another really good group of ladies and the sketches reaaaallly challenge me cuz they are just different-cant really explain it. So I 'll keep ya posted on how I do-BBL!!