Friday, December 18, 2009

As the weekend is approaching I am seriously beginning to panic! I still have 3 gifts to get before we head back to Memphis for our family Christmas dash. I wish I had a helicopter it would make our weekend much more enjoyable. We have to drive to Collerville to be with Craigs dad for christmas and then off to Bartlett to spend the night with his mom and have breakfast and christmas with her. Then (Big SIGH of relief) off to Southaven and let the fun begin cuz we will finally get to be with my big wild and crazy family. Its my fave part and shhhh dont tell but its my hubs too! My cousin has a new sweet lil girl and I cant wait to get my hands on her. I always get so excited to be with my family - trust me its never a dull moment!

I was going to try to make some gifts for christmas this year but time was not on my side-unfortunately. So I have to go tonight and get something-i hate shopping last minute. I am one of those people who puts alot of thought into a gift and hates to just pick something up. This is how busy I am - I have 3 scrappy lo's completed and havent even had time to photograph them and get them loaded. I am so impatient that I never do that. Its my fave part of scrappin is loading them on the site and reading peoples feedback-it just fuels my fire. Thats why wherever I am a participatant(spelling??) I always make sure to give feedback(plus it counts for my good deed of the day-hehehe) I am always asking my kiddos what was your good deed of the day - well they dont even ask me anymore cuz they know what I will say-LOL! But if I get to do something else I make sure they know it! =)

Tonight I have soooo many errands to run and dang it -it's raining! OMgosh I just remembered I havent even gotten my Christmas photo cards made-lordy I hope Wally world has 1hr service. Crap I gotta get off here and go check! See what I mean-this life is crazy-but hey at least we arent bored!

Talk soon and photos to come!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

2009 what a year

First of all let me warn you I am feeling a lil sappy this week-why I dont know??? Most of you wont find interest in this post but I have to do this while the memory is still in my head(my memory is slowing fading)

On a good note there are many things we accomplished this year, even in this recession we were still able to do these things and that is a compliment to me myself the family banker-LOL! Finally in my 40's I am doing better at saving $$$-about time! I am proud of the fact that we finally got to take our kiddos to the beach and had a blast, we also were able to take them to a UT football game (dad's secret desire) and we also went to the Chattanooga Choo Choo train for a Christmas ride(my secret desire). They both played basketball and baseball this year. Tucker played football for his second year and Bo opted to sit out this year (still trying to figure out why cuz he is a natural at this game). I for the first time in my life of 42 years kept a new years resolution and lost 32lbs (was wishing for more but not giving up yet). I have scrapped over a 100 pages this year - thanks to the 52sketches52weeks website. Which also opened up a whole new world for me as far as scrapping. I have been a guest designer and won numerous prizes thanks to the world of online scrapping. I am still going strong and throughly enjoy scrapping the life of my lil family-not stopping now! My oldest son Bo started the 7th grade this year-GOSH cant believe I have a child in middle school. My youngest started 3rd grade and has the hardest teacher in the school but they love each other(Thank goodness) for the 4th year in a row he is in the same classroom as his best friend Brian. My most favorite accompliment for the year is that we have finally found a church home after a 2yr search when we moved here we now have a place that fits us. My kids love going to church and this year have participated in just about everything they have to offer. I think my mom would be proud-she was always so strong about going to church. I have reconnected with many old friends and talk regularly thanks to facebook(yep I am addicted)

Losses we have endured-well we lost my loving uncle Bones this year-he lost his bout with cancer-that was a really tough thing for me becuz it hurt my father dearly and I cant stand that. Thankfully thats all I have for this category.

We have been very blessed this year-through all the ups and downs "HE" has brought us through. With God are things are possible.

My hubs and I were married 10yrs this year and I look forward to many many more years to come. We are getting better at the working together thing-well I should say me-cuz honestly I wasnt to keen on the idea in the beginning but I am dealing with it better-of course he never had a problem with it. All in all I still love him just as much as the day we wed.

Okay so thats pretty much whats running thru my brain at the moment-sure more will come flowing out later so with that... stay tuned people..........