Friday, May 29, 2009

It's Friday - WOOT WOOT!!!

Well I am declaring today "My Good Friday" =-Why you say??? Well last night I got a little bit of time and put this page together thanks to the sketch over at the scrappiest. Love that sketch so simple and I was able to put this together quickly but I love love love the way it turned out. Mostly cuz I didnt "junk it up" - I have been not feelin to well about my stuff lately-wait did I mention that already??? Anyways I just love love embellies but I feel sometimes I get a little carried away and it ends up looking junky-so hmmmm maybe I should try to scrap in less time which would mean less junk-HAHA!!! Most of the products on this page are from a kit I bought over at "we scrap u scrap" great great kit and real good price-just a little high on shipping in my opinion(as if anyone cares)! Also I tried a new technique-thanks to Jodi's tutorial @ 52sketches52weeks. I made that flower from fabric-so cool & sooo quick! Get over there and check it out-I'm tellin ya its easy as pie and sooo dang cute!

So why else is it "My good Friday" well this morning I tried on a shirt for work that I bought last year (which I bought 6 by the way) and COULD NOT wear them. Well they were ordered from work so guess what - NO RETURNS- so u know where they ended up-pushed to the back of the closet. NOT anymore- I am wearing now as I type and quite comfortably I might add =)
Then I put on a pair of capri's from last year and lordy-wont be wearing these anymore-I look like a baby with a wet diaper-c'mon you know how they sag-hehehehe!!!! I cant believe I have actually been on a diet for 4 months and lost weight-after 27 years of fighting my weight -FINALLY-now if I can just keep it up. Not trying to brag on myself just I am a TERRIBLE dieter and have NO will power. I even got tears in my eyes the other day when I weighed and it said I lost 27lbs. So yes I am tooting my own horn today(dont do that much)!! Yea me!!

The last reason for "mgf" well I am here at work and we are really busy-finally!!! But most important my boys are both playing ball tonight-my absolute fav thing to do is watch my kids play sports! So my day is going well-hope yours is too!

aka momawhite99

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Scrapbook challenges sketch 145

So I got some scrappin time tonight-WOOT WOOT!! Which I was excited becuz I found a new challenge/sketch group thru a blog hop on Friday. The sketch looked real easy and I had just the photos for it. It was such a nice clean one I thought I could do it without junking it up(that's the way I have been feeling about my stuff lately)well, it didnt work. Of course I had to stretch the sketch and add some extra goodies. Although I didnt keep it on a small scale I still like it and I didnt go overboard with "STUFF". So I am headed in the right direction-YEA!!! Humm just looked at it again and of course didn't leave any room for journaling-oh well maybe next time! So here's my take on sketch #145-ENJOY-I'm off now-gotta spend a little time with the hubster before checking my eyelids for holes-nighty night!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Two for Tuesday

As some of you know I used to live in Memphis and there was a radio station that always played 2 for Tues - 2 songs by the same artist in a row-I always loved listening to that. I am sure there are plenty of other stations around that do the same. But now that we are gone that theme still carries on for me in some shape or form. Well today my 2fer is 2 baseball games in one night-WOOT WOOT!!! i just love watching my kids play ball win or loose! I am a sports junkie like that! So guess what added bonus-NO COOKING tonight as we have a game @ 6 and @ 8:30. I am just hopin the rain holds off.

I was hoping to get some scrappin done tonight as I have a couple of lo's swimming around in my head (I am weird like that) and I am afraid if I dont hurry and get them done they will just float away-LOL!!! But I would much rather watch my kids play ball-so they will have to wait until tomorrow.

So what's your 2 for Tuesday would love to hear from ya!

I'm out-

Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day to all~! Thanks to our vets and those who are now serving-our freedom is becuz of you!

Although I am wanting my freedom right now-as I am stuck here at work-YUCK!!! I could be at home doing some real work today. We have a garden to plant if the dang rain will ever stop, more flowers to plant and nevermind my endless laundry pile-OH crap just realized gotta get them dang ball uniforms washed cuz of course we will be living at the ballfield tomorrow night.

I did get to do some scrappin this weekend. Gosh I love that 52's website. I liked the sketch so much I did 2 pages...... I find it funny that my mood at the moment seems to make its way to my lo. This last week was very busy-what else is new-so therefore my lo seems very busy to me. Well part of my problem is I have so much to tell and cant seem to shorten up my journaling-oh well! I also love embellies they are like costume jewelry-so they are a must for me and I literally have to make myself stop adding them so they dont look gaudy(spelling?).
Well this is my first official blogpost on my own blog-promise they will get better when I figure this stuff out!
Have a great Holiday