Friday, August 13, 2010

ready for school

Well now that my kiddos are back in school its time for me to go to school. Scrappy school that is-LOL! Over at Scrap-friendzy they are holding Scrap U-what's that you say. Well its a month long online crop. So bring ur supplies and come join the fun-there are PLENTY of seats available! You dont wanna miss it!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Its a Cali Thing!

So this is a photo from our beach trip last year. My kids were soo amazed that their mom knew how to do this with the boogie boards. Well growin up in Cali with a brother who surfs-it just came naturally to me. This is based on a sketch by Kristine Davidson that was done for Scrap Sussies. i will def be using this one again!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Scrappin with a sussie

So last Friday night I got to go to my monthly crop with some good friends I met here online. I have been goin now for about 6 months and I look sooo forward to it. I am so intrigued watching others and how they progress on a page. (Goofy I know) Well 2 of them are on the DT at Scrapbook Sussies and I have been eyeing the kits that work with for about 2 months now. And boy are they packed with goodies! So I decided to go over to Scrapbook Sussies and check out their blog and there's some good action goin on over there. In fact this morning I just saw they are looking for a guest DT-I think I might give it a whirl I mean who wouldnt wanna work with those awesome kits. I found a sketch they had posted for July so I'm gonna go home tonight and see if I can whip one up and who knows maybe she will like and they will pick me! Wouldnt that be cool! So if you havent ever been over there go go go check it out! Trust me cuz "I Scrap with sum Sussie girls" and it's GOOD STUFF!

Oh yea here's the go to spot ~