Saturday, July 17, 2010

Gettin Trashy and need ur VOTE PLEEZ

Well I am still surving the camper of the year contest over at Scrap-friendzy and this week we had to get trashy. Oh such fun for me-I love using the unusual on a scrapbook page. So we had to use 2 things that would normally be thrown away or already had been-YUCK! Lucky for me I have been picking up these metal washers and stuff at work. See where I park at work is right behind our shop and one day I was like hey I might could use this on a page. So I have been saving them. Also on the page is some fishing wire - that I just happen to trip over the other day while walking in the house. Well seems Bo was puttin some new line on his pole and the old stuff conviently didnt quite make it to the trash-LOL! So if you like my page please go vote-you have until tomorrow to get it in-C'mon u know you like it right? Now get ur tail over there and vote......:)
Oh yea here's the link


Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Woot woot got the news this morning that I survived another round. I have entered a competition over at Memorable Seasons call Last Scrapper Standing. This last week we had to do a layout with white space and an embellie cluster-MY ABSOLUTE FAVE! I love to get gaudy with embellies and this week it paid off! Each week it keeps getting tougher but u know me I LOVE a challenge! Here's my lo from last week. If you havent already joined you need to come on over and participate. Its too late for the final prize but Jill has graciously donated a prize each week from a random drawing-a gift certificate to her store-WOOT WOOT free shopping-NOW who doesnt love that!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

voting is now open

Just a lil reminder the voting is now open over at the scrap friendzy camper of the year. So get ur tail over there and vote. My entry is just below this post go check it out before you vote! Thanks

Friday, July 2, 2010

PLEEZ VOTE for my mud magnet

Well I am scrappy camping this summer. I havent entered a really fun contest over at Scrap-friendzy. You should come and join us. This week our challenge was H2o-we had to scrap something to do with water. Include in the lo, paper cut in a wave pattern, some paint splatter and clear elements. Well I did my paper in a wave and my journaling, then I glimmermisted to the max with some ink dropping (cuz here in the south we have red clay mud) then I splattered a bunch of brown paint and for the clear elements I put 3 lil clear bubbles at the bottom of the wave pattern. In my journaling I talk about having to wash these muddy clothes and I thought the 3 bubbles represented the washing machine-LOL!

So if you like it go on over here... and vote for the top 3 of ur liking. I would appreciate ur vote so I can move on til next week.

Well my fire is burnin out so gotta go get some more wood-toodles~~~ LOL!

Just realized I forgot to mention-voting starts tomorrow morning! THX