Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I must share the great news I received last night. One of my lo's was featured on Cosmo Crickets Facebook page yesterday(the one pictured above) To some that might not mean much for me its HUGE! As I venture around the online world of scrappin I have read about people being "featured" by a manufacturer and I never had the courage to submit a page. Well thanks to Julie Bonner and her wonderful sketches I felt a whee bit worthy of submitting this one. And WOWZA they took it. The funny thing is I didnt even see it and lord knows I am a FB stalker! =) Heather over at Simply Obsessed posted a congrats to me and I was like WHAT! To be featured by a Manufacturer is a sign of good stuff to me-not that I am trying to become some designer or anything but it sure is a nice pat on the back! It was only a little over a year ago I learned what a sketch was and how to use it-someone told me about the 52sketches site and I was hooked the first time I clicked on there. I truly feel like my scrappin has grown tremendously becuz of Julie and her awesome sketches and all the nice helpful ladies over there. Oh how i miss that place. So Julie if you are reading this give yourself a HUGE pat on the back from me and enjoy this acknowledgement with me!