Friday, November 5, 2010


Have you seen these kits. My dear friend Sarah has started a kit club and a long admirer of her work I knew the kits would be FAB! And she def has NOT disappointed. She is having a giveaway of her FAB Nov kit its is filled with some goodies. I am soo wanting that Lilybee fall line thats in there. So yes of course I am trying to win it and then with the New Year I must become a kit subscriber-her kits are full and small on the price. If you havent been there go here---
tell Sarah I sent ya! THX

Friday, September 17, 2010

Oh Happy Day

Well everybody these days seems to be in love with Echo Park Paper CO and guess what so am I! I purchased the walk in the park collection and WOWZA-everything you need is right there. I created this lo and the only thing from my stash is of course some cardstock and the lil pearls on the butterfly. Can u believe it I didnt even need Thickers for a title. Now for those of you how dont know me -that is like a RECORD for me. I always feel the need to add sum more embellies-ya know junk it up. But these pps and stickers have it all. The best part they are soooo reasonably priced. I finished this lo on Wed night and cant wait to work with it some more this weekend. I am soo in love the new collections they have released for holidays-cant wait to get my hands on ALL of them-but shhh dont tell my hubs-hehehe.

This lo is about my son Tucker and his friends Bailee & MAddie. They used to be our neighbors when all the kids were born-well the Calhouns got a job transfer and left us and then 2 yrs later we did the same. We have tried to see each other at least once a year since they first moved. Well lucky for the kids this summer while Tuck was in town visiting his g'parents, Tonya & the girls came in town and they got to spend the day together. I was sad becuz I couldnt be with them but at the same time very thankful they could be together. Stay tuned for a ton more lo's about this day-thanks to Tonya for taking pics for me. luv ya BFF

toodles, Tami

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Gettin Sketchy

Well I had a challenge before me to scrap a lo based on my outfit. This is part of the Scrap u courses over @ Scrap-Friendzy (you should come join us) So I chose to scrap from my outfit that I wore on College Colors Day(my fave workday of the year)
The lo is based on the awesome sketch by Diana over at Sketchy Thursdays (love those sketches to pieces-they have produced some of my best stuff) I decided this time to keep the lo very simple (very very hard thing to do for me). So I used all the elements from my outfit---denim of course from my jacket, the bling in the flower and the dots for the title-from my shirt and my jacket, the orange from my shirt and the vols trim matches my watch, and just in case you are wondering "What on earth is that black circle in the flower" Well its a tire, I save all the ones I find laying around. (My oldest tears apart every car and truck he ever gets-DRIVES ME CRAZY) I used it becuz it represents the black on my flip flops (BTW is not in the pic) and of course it goes with my photo-LOL! Thanks for looking and hey maybe you should give it a try too-its soo fun!

Okay so I didnt realize the pic's were so small that you couldnt read the journaling. Let me explain the lo-cuz I hate when I see peoples work and you dont understand the lo. One year we had to take my dad's Explorer to Knoxville for a game (cant remember why) anyways the last thing he said to me was "Dont put all that UT crap all over my Explorer"---YEA RIGHT! So we took a picture and framed it for him and put it on his desk at work-hehehehe

Meet Lucky

Well here's another lo about my Tucker. He has been fascniated by caterpillars and every year when school starts they are everywhere. So everyday for about the first 2 weeks of school, when I pick him up from afterschool care he has a new pet. For some odd reason he always names them "lucky"-why I dont know cuz trust me they are not lucky-they never live long. I saw a sketch over on the Bo Bunny blogpost and thought it would be perfect for these pics and of course these pps that I have been HOARDING-I finally made myself cut them and I am so glad I did!

Friday, August 13, 2010

ready for school

Well now that my kiddos are back in school its time for me to go to school. Scrappy school that is-LOL! Over at Scrap-friendzy they are holding Scrap U-what's that you say. Well its a month long online crop. So bring ur supplies and come join the fun-there are PLENTY of seats available! You dont wanna miss it!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Its a Cali Thing!

So this is a photo from our beach trip last year. My kids were soo amazed that their mom knew how to do this with the boogie boards. Well growin up in Cali with a brother who surfs-it just came naturally to me. This is based on a sketch by Kristine Davidson that was done for Scrap Sussies. i will def be using this one again!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Scrappin with a sussie

So last Friday night I got to go to my monthly crop with some good friends I met here online. I have been goin now for about 6 months and I look sooo forward to it. I am so intrigued watching others and how they progress on a page. (Goofy I know) Well 2 of them are on the DT at Scrapbook Sussies and I have been eyeing the kits that work with for about 2 months now. And boy are they packed with goodies! So I decided to go over to Scrapbook Sussies and check out their blog and there's some good action goin on over there. In fact this morning I just saw they are looking for a guest DT-I think I might give it a whirl I mean who wouldnt wanna work with those awesome kits. I found a sketch they had posted for July so I'm gonna go home tonight and see if I can whip one up and who knows maybe she will like and they will pick me! Wouldnt that be cool! So if you havent ever been over there go go go check it out! Trust me cuz "I Scrap with sum Sussie girls" and it's GOOD STUFF!

Oh yea here's the go to spot ~

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Gettin Trashy and need ur VOTE PLEEZ

Well I am still surving the camper of the year contest over at Scrap-friendzy and this week we had to get trashy. Oh such fun for me-I love using the unusual on a scrapbook page. So we had to use 2 things that would normally be thrown away or already had been-YUCK! Lucky for me I have been picking up these metal washers and stuff at work. See where I park at work is right behind our shop and one day I was like hey I might could use this on a page. So I have been saving them. Also on the page is some fishing wire - that I just happen to trip over the other day while walking in the house. Well seems Bo was puttin some new line on his pole and the old stuff conviently didnt quite make it to the trash-LOL! So if you like my page please go vote-you have until tomorrow to get it in-C'mon u know you like it right? Now get ur tail over there and vote......:)
Oh yea here's the link


Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Woot woot got the news this morning that I survived another round. I have entered a competition over at Memorable Seasons call Last Scrapper Standing. This last week we had to do a layout with white space and an embellie cluster-MY ABSOLUTE FAVE! I love to get gaudy with embellies and this week it paid off! Each week it keeps getting tougher but u know me I LOVE a challenge! Here's my lo from last week. If you havent already joined you need to come on over and participate. Its too late for the final prize but Jill has graciously donated a prize each week from a random drawing-a gift certificate to her store-WOOT WOOT free shopping-NOW who doesnt love that!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

voting is now open

Just a lil reminder the voting is now open over at the scrap friendzy camper of the year. So get ur tail over there and vote. My entry is just below this post go check it out before you vote! Thanks

Friday, July 2, 2010

PLEEZ VOTE for my mud magnet

Well I am scrappy camping this summer. I havent entered a really fun contest over at Scrap-friendzy. You should come and join us. This week our challenge was H2o-we had to scrap something to do with water. Include in the lo, paper cut in a wave pattern, some paint splatter and clear elements. Well I did my paper in a wave and my journaling, then I glimmermisted to the max with some ink dropping (cuz here in the south we have red clay mud) then I splattered a bunch of brown paint and for the clear elements I put 3 lil clear bubbles at the bottom of the wave pattern. In my journaling I talk about having to wash these muddy clothes and I thought the 3 bubbles represented the washing machine-LOL!

So if you like it go on over here... and vote for the top 3 of ur liking. I would appreciate ur vote so I can move on til next week.

Well my fire is burnin out so gotta go get some more wood-toodles~~~ LOL!

Just realized I forgot to mention-voting starts tomorrow morning! THX

Monday, June 14, 2010

Lost of goody news today!

Well my girls just wanna have fun-made the top five list-WOOT WOOT!! I also survived the camper elimination over at Scrap friendzy. So even though its a Monday I am one happy camper today-hehehe

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Scrap with a song

When I saw this prompt I immediately thought of my 40th b-day party. This pic of me and Heather is one of my faves. I love that song Girls just wanna have fun - in fact when it was popular I had a license plate frame made with that one there-dang it too bad dont have a pic of that!

Monday, June 7, 2010

feeling the blues today

Well today I have the Monday blues today. My Bff Tonya and her girls are coming to Memphis this week and I cant even get there to see them. Since we moved away we have seen each other at least once a year til last year. And I vowed that this year I wouldnt let that happen but sometimes as they say life just gets in the way. But it is only June so I am trying to be positive in knowing that I still have 6 months to keep my promise.

In honor of her I created this lo of our kids who have been the bestest of friends since Tucker was born-they love and they fight but they are always just the same-hooked at the hip. We have always joked and said they should get married someday cuz they act like an old married couple-LOL! I used the sketch from last week over at scrapbook challenges. For some reason that kite just spoke to me as if the Calhouns just flew away but they are still in our hearts. It is also the challenge this week over at Scrap Whispers to use the theme about flying so I thought the kite worked perfect for this one too-purtty awesome-2 challenges all in one lo. Well at least this post helped me bring my smile back. Hope everybody has a FAB Monday! toodles xoxo

Friday, April 30, 2010

NSD blog hop

Well it is finally here NSD and there are soo many online things to do. The first thing I have done in honor of this day is join the blog hop over at Pamela has created a sketch just for the weekend celebration and its a goody. I cant wait to get started on it. Also if you have a moment go hopping on the blog hop too-great ladies to meet along the way. This is where you need to start I have helped you out a little by posting here sketch here for you and if you join make sure to tell her I sent you-THANKS and enjoy . Oh wait heres one last stop for you and I will be back later with my take on the sketch-HAPPY HOPPING!

I'm back with my take on the sketch-I just love this one. This is my oldest son cooking breakfast with my apron on. Thanks to my babysitter for capturing this hilarious moment. When I saw the photo I immediately thought of the nickname that my babysitters son gave Bo when he was 5 yrs old(he is now 13) so thats the reason for this title. Now get going and get yours done!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I must share the great news I received last night. One of my lo's was featured on Cosmo Crickets Facebook page yesterday(the one pictured above) To some that might not mean much for me its HUGE! As I venture around the online world of scrappin I have read about people being "featured" by a manufacturer and I never had the courage to submit a page. Well thanks to Julie Bonner and her wonderful sketches I felt a whee bit worthy of submitting this one. And WOWZA they took it. The funny thing is I didnt even see it and lord knows I am a FB stalker! =) Heather over at Simply Obsessed posted a congrats to me and I was like WHAT! To be featured by a Manufacturer is a sign of good stuff to me-not that I am trying to become some designer or anything but it sure is a nice pat on the back! It was only a little over a year ago I learned what a sketch was and how to use it-someone told me about the 52sketches site and I was hooked the first time I clicked on there. I truly feel like my scrappin has grown tremendously becuz of Julie and her awesome sketches and all the nice helpful ladies over there. Oh how i miss that place. So Julie if you are reading this give yourself a HUGE pat on the back from me and enjoy this acknowledgement with me!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What's your word

After reading the blog by Ali Edwards I did some thinking and realized the perfect word for me to concentrate on this year and apply to every aspect of my life would be "patience". Most important with my children but also in all aspects of my life. I know the Lord has a plan for us all I just have to have the patience to wait for it and take it as it comes.

I scrapped a page about my word so that I could remember it and why I chose that word-I plan to apply that word to all areas of my life. The lo is based on an awesome sketch by Diana Fisher over at Sketchy Thursdays. So tell me whats your word?

Monday, January 4, 2010

Let's get scrappy

Well thanks to Facebook I stumbled onto something really fun going on in the world of s-booking. Scrap-friendzy is having a sketch-a-thon. They will post a new sketch everyday in the month of January and have a prize drawing at the end of the month. You dont even have to complete every sketch to win. So far I have kept up thanks to the weekend. We will see how well I can do during the week. I have posted my first 3 entries below and my absolute fave is the one about Bo-called courage. I took these photos of his arms becuz i was soo paranoid about those dang bruises. I even took him to the doc so she could document they were from football-I was scared someone was gonna see him and report me for child abuse-LOL! If you get a chance stop in here and have some fun!