Friday, July 2, 2010

PLEEZ VOTE for my mud magnet

Well I am scrappy camping this summer. I havent entered a really fun contest over at Scrap-friendzy. You should come and join us. This week our challenge was H2o-we had to scrap something to do with water. Include in the lo, paper cut in a wave pattern, some paint splatter and clear elements. Well I did my paper in a wave and my journaling, then I glimmermisted to the max with some ink dropping (cuz here in the south we have red clay mud) then I splattered a bunch of brown paint and for the clear elements I put 3 lil clear bubbles at the bottom of the wave pattern. In my journaling I talk about having to wash these muddy clothes and I thought the 3 bubbles represented the washing machine-LOL!

So if you like it go on over here... and vote for the top 3 of ur liking. I would appreciate ur vote so I can move on til next week.

Well my fire is burnin out so gotta go get some more wood-toodles~~~ LOL!

Just realized I forgot to mention-voting starts tomorrow morning! THX


  1. I'm having trouble finding the blog Tami.

  2. try this link

    sorry I am not real computer savy-must work on that. Thanks for trying Beth

  3. okay I just figured it out-you have to copy the link and paste it in your browser. Sorry dont know how to actually link it. =(