Tuesday, April 9, 2013

It's becoming "The White House"

So the fun of buying a home that is not newly built is this --you buy it cuz you like where everything is.  And then comes the fun part of making cosmetic changes to make it more you.

  When we first looked at our house--I fell in love with it--the floor plan is so not typical and the kitchen could possibly turn some buyers away.  It is not your elaborate-large-chef-type kitchen.  It is small cozy, narrow BUT the amount of cabinet storage they squeezed in here is amazing--the pantry is HUGE--which I totally love.  Cuz this family loves to eat-LOL!

Our house was built in 1991 and the kitchen cabinets were good quality built--but the color was horrendous.  It reminded me of when my kids had to take augmetin medicine and their poop turned green/brownYUCK!
The handles on the cabinets I swear must be the originals-another yuck.  They were horrid brass with 20+ years of wear and tear.  Now my counter tops--again I am odd-and dont like the same trendy things  as most do.  These are regular ole laminate countertops with some serious texture--they are not smooth at all,.  But for being 20+ years old they are in great shape.  They are off white with some orangey-reddish-brown mixed in there   ( wait is that a color?  LOL)

Needless to say the kitchen was very dark-so when we were buying the house I told Craig first project on the list would be to paint the kitchen cabinets--it would brighten it up in there and make it look much bigger.

See what I mean--dark & dreary--who wants to be in there????

Well my husband absolutely hates to paint and I dont like long projects.  I am a quick change kinda gal--I just am horrible in the patience department.

FINALLY--one year after move in we decided to tackle the dreaded kitchen project.  First we painted and glazed the kitchen cabinets using the Rustoleum cabinets tranformation kit.  I Loved that kit--to easy and great instructions.  Next up I decided to add a backsplash for some color.  My walls are impossible to paint because they go soo high up and there is no stopping point from the kitchen to the rest of the house.  So my backsplash was my pop of color--if you know me you know I love color.  I decided to go with the look of a ceiling tile tin look.  I found some sheets of it that are very easily cut with scissors or a box cutter.  Of course I painted them red and installed them.  Well it was a bit much so I decided to add some glaze to it--leftover from my cabinet kit.  It needed to be toned down a bit--and it did just the trick.

See what I mean!  Wowza what a difference.  I must also add that we put rope lights up on top of the cabinets to for extra lighting--its soo pretty at night.   This view is looking in from the game room--well thats what we use it for--its supposed to be a dining room--WHATEVER!  We are real life people--we dont do fine china--LOL!

And this view is from the other end at the entryway from the eating area.

And my next big thing in here was the fun one--I wanted a screen pantry door just because they are cute.  Well of course my door is an odd size and it would cost an arm and a leg to special order one.  Then the hubby said he would build me one.  But I decided to let him off the hook and just paint and distress it--you can never have too much color.  So I just went to town painting it red, then I took out a sanding block and sanded away in different spots--next up add some glaze, new door knob and hinges.  And here's the cutie in her new glory
IS not just gorgeous--I love it soo much only becuz I did this all on my own--no instructions or nuttin'. And I had everything on hand--well except the new door knob.  That was a whoppin $14.95--now thats a cheap and big impact tranformation in my book!

Now we will rest for a bit--we are in the heart of baseball season, spring football practice--I have to take a housebreak for a bit.  Then we will comeback and add some trim on the cabinets to make them look not so builder grade, new flooring, reface the fridge--cant wait for that one--ur gonna love it!  And also cant wait for a new big deep sink and pretty new faucet!

I hope you enjoyed my kitchen reveal and stay tuned for more tranformations real soon!



  1. oh wow!!! Super cool I LOVE those cabinets and pop of red!!!! I LOVE it!!! looks great

  2. The kitchen looks so good! LOVE the red...my dining room is red! Can't wait to see what else you do!