Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Two for Tuesday

As some of you know I used to live in Memphis and there was a radio station that always played 2 for Tues - 2 songs by the same artist in a row-I always loved listening to that. I am sure there are plenty of other stations around that do the same. But now that we are gone that theme still carries on for me in some shape or form. Well today my 2fer is 2 baseball games in one night-WOOT WOOT!!! i just love watching my kids play ball win or loose! I am a sports junkie like that! So guess what added bonus-NO COOKING tonight as we have a game @ 6 and @ 8:30. I am just hopin the rain holds off.

I was hoping to get some scrappin done tonight as I have a couple of lo's swimming around in my head (I am weird like that) and I am afraid if I dont hurry and get them done they will just float away-LOL!!! But I would much rather watch my kids play ball-so they will have to wait until tomorrow.

So what's your 2 for Tuesday would love to hear from ya!

I'm out-

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