Friday, May 29, 2009

It's Friday - WOOT WOOT!!!

Well I am declaring today "My Good Friday" =-Why you say??? Well last night I got a little bit of time and put this page together thanks to the sketch over at the scrappiest. Love that sketch so simple and I was able to put this together quickly but I love love love the way it turned out. Mostly cuz I didnt "junk it up" - I have been not feelin to well about my stuff lately-wait did I mention that already??? Anyways I just love love embellies but I feel sometimes I get a little carried away and it ends up looking junky-so hmmmm maybe I should try to scrap in less time which would mean less junk-HAHA!!! Most of the products on this page are from a kit I bought over at "we scrap u scrap" great great kit and real good price-just a little high on shipping in my opinion(as if anyone cares)! Also I tried a new technique-thanks to Jodi's tutorial @ 52sketches52weeks. I made that flower from fabric-so cool & sooo quick! Get over there and check it out-I'm tellin ya its easy as pie and sooo dang cute!

So why else is it "My good Friday" well this morning I tried on a shirt for work that I bought last year (which I bought 6 by the way) and COULD NOT wear them. Well they were ordered from work so guess what - NO RETURNS- so u know where they ended up-pushed to the back of the closet. NOT anymore- I am wearing now as I type and quite comfortably I might add =)
Then I put on a pair of capri's from last year and lordy-wont be wearing these anymore-I look like a baby with a wet diaper-c'mon you know how they sag-hehehehe!!!! I cant believe I have actually been on a diet for 4 months and lost weight-after 27 years of fighting my weight -FINALLY-now if I can just keep it up. Not trying to brag on myself just I am a TERRIBLE dieter and have NO will power. I even got tears in my eyes the other day when I weighed and it said I lost 27lbs. So yes I am tooting my own horn today(dont do that much)!! Yea me!!

The last reason for "mgf" well I am here at work and we are really busy-finally!!! But most important my boys are both playing ball tonight-my absolute fav thing to do is watch my kids play sports! So my day is going well-hope yours is too!

aka momawhite99


  1. LOVE IT TAMI!!!! Your LO is amazing... and I love the colours!! Awesome job!!!!!!!

  2. Beautiful layout!!! I love the design and the colors are just great :)