Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day to all~! Thanks to our vets and those who are now serving-our freedom is becuz of you!

Although I am wanting my freedom right now-as I am stuck here at work-YUCK!!! I could be at home doing some real work today. We have a garden to plant if the dang rain will ever stop, more flowers to plant and nevermind my endless laundry pile-OH crap just realized gotta get them dang ball uniforms washed cuz of course we will be living at the ballfield tomorrow night.

I did get to do some scrappin this weekend. Gosh I love that 52's website. I liked the sketch so much I did 2 pages...... I find it funny that my mood at the moment seems to make its way to my lo. This last week was very busy-what else is new-so therefore my lo seems very busy to me. Well part of my problem is I have so much to tell and cant seem to shorten up my journaling-oh well! I also love embellies they are like costume jewelry-so they are a must for me and I literally have to make myself stop adding them so they dont look gaudy(spelling?).
Well this is my first official blogpost on my own blog-promise they will get better when I figure this stuff out!
Have a great Holiday

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  1. Great layouts, Tami! Love them to bits!

    Thank you for dropping by my blog during the SC blog hop!